What Lumens

The idea is to apply a new type of diffuser, emitting light homogeneously, only a few millimeters thick, behind translucent slabs of stone material reducing thickness and weight and facilitating the installation by creating a very versatile system and of great appeal.

The light radiates posteriorly evenly over the entire surface and passes through the crystals and textures and tempers the tones and colors of the stone giving unique three-dimensional effects, revealing the most intimate nature otherwise invisible.

The integration of light + stone LUMENS, the only patented,is after more than 5 years of installations of all types and continuous technique improvement, the most used, most time-tested and with many important demonstrable references.

The production of each order is done with customized systems MADE IN ITALY.


Our revolutionary diffusers SLP (Slim Led Panel) is a isoluminous and planar panel that LUMENS integrates with stone guaranteeing clients a “plug & play” fitted with brackets or anchor bolts, easy to maintain and built according to the specific needs of each project and application.

The LUMENS solution, depending upon the stone, ensures total thickness of less than 40 mm. Then there is an extreme solution. Slate Lite Translucent, a thin sheet of natural slate with a support of transparent resin, which does not exceed 15-17 mm.

The final integration of LUMENS, to be developed with the client and designer in the rooms and furnishings selected, allows you to harmoniously enter the context in all areas, both modern and classic, giving exclusivity and elegance to any installation.

Ideal for enhancing furniture, counters, doors, showers and saunas, walls, windows, floors and tables LUMENS reveals to command its presence astounding all “spectators“ for the elegance and value that discreetly adds to any surroundings.

LUMENS provides CE certified solutions, operating at low voltage (24Vdc) totally controlled by home automation systems of all kinds, the light is dimmable and can also be supplied in RGB (color changing). Shapes and sizes are made to measure in various versions including waterproof and curved.

Using LED as light source will provide low power consumption combined with long life. LUMENS supplies finished products to individuals, marble factory, contractors and manufacturers offering project consultancy for the mechanical and electrical integration, building structures and anchors and supervising installation and final testing.

LUMENS illuminates the stone.